Healthy Habits Rather than Strict Dieting Best for Weight Loss

Healthy Habits Rather than Strict Dieting Best for Weight Loss

An innovative research project sheds light on how healthy and slim people are able to maintain their physique with only modest effort. The key, according to Cornell Food and Brand Lab researchers, is to avoid a restrictive diet!

In the study, investigators developed an online Global Healthy Weight Registry (formerly named the Slim by Design Registry) to uncover the health behaviors of those who maintain a healthy weight.

Adults of healthy weight were invited to sign up for the registry and then answer questions about diet, exercise, and daily routines (see the infographic for more details about registry participants).

The researcher’s analysis of 147 adult Registry participants unveiled some common routine behaviors of those who stay healthy and slim.

Namely, 96 percent reported eating breakfast, 42 percent exercised five plus times a week, and 50 percent weighed themselves at least weekly.

Amazing, diet was not a part of the slim solution for most participants. Still being aware of diet is an important consideration.

Specifically, although 74 percent of the participant never or rarely dieted, 92 percent reported being conscious of what they ate.

As part of their habits that lead to weight control, 44 percent reported at least one non-restrictive strategy (such as listening to inner cues, cooking at home, and eating high-quality, non-processed foods).

What stood out most in these findings according to the study’s co-author, Brian Wansink, Ph.D., director of the Food and Brand Lab and author of the book Slim by Design was that:

“Most slim people don’t employ restrictive diets or intense health regimes to stay at a healthy weight. Instead, they practice easy habits like not skipping breakfast, and listening to inner cues. If you struggle with weight, try adding these simple practices to your routine, you may be surprised how easy it is to be healthy!”

Source: PsychCentral


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