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The Global Healthy Registry has been updated to version 2.0!


Recent Research Findings

Vuorinen, Anna-Leena, Megan Zhou and Brian Wansink (2015). Slim by Design Registry- An Effort to Increase Understanding of Lifelong Success in Weight Control. Obesity Week 2015 Conference Proceedings.

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Vuorinen, Anna-Leena, Camille Finn, Megan Zhou and Brian Wansink (2015). What can we learn from the mindlessly slim? Obesity Week Conference Proceedings. 

Vuorinen, Anna-Leena, Megan Zhou and Brian Wansink (2016). Do Slim People Diet? Pilot Findings on the Controlled Eating Habits of Healthy Weight Adults. Under review. [no link]

Related: Helander, Elina, Anna-Leena Vuorinen, Brian Wansink and Ilkka Korhonen (2014). Are Breaks in Daily Self-Weighing Associated With Weight Gain? PLOS ONE, 9:11, e113164.

Related: Orsama, Anna-Leena, Elina Mattila, Mikka Ermes, Mark van Gils, Brian Wansink and Ilkka Korhonen (2014). Weight Rhythms: Weight Increases During Weekends and Decreases During Weekdays. Obesity Facts, 7 ,36-47.

Press Archive

Here’s recent press and some useful older press.

“What Healthy People Eat for Breakfast” Huffington Post, Kate Bratskeir, 11-6-15.

“How Thin People Stay Thin,” Paul Watson, AskMen.com, 11-5-15.

“This Infographic Reveals the Daily Habits of Naturally Slim People,” ScienceAlert.com, Peter Dockrill, 11-5-15.

“10 Secrets of Naturally Slim People,” Bonnie Taub-Dix, EverydayHealth.com, 8-13-14.

“Slim People Asked to Share Tips in Registry,” Cornell Chronicle 8-13-14.