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Nutrition Unplugged – Slim By Design Registry


via Brian Wansink

Brian Wansink and his colleagues at Cornell have launched a Slim by Design Registry to track people who are slim and have found ways to stay slim.  I tweeted about this yesterday and it caused a ruckus — some people thought it was offensive and sneaky to “trick” your family into being slim.  Dr. Wansink says it’s simply about habits that promote a healthy weight — like the illustration above.   What do you think?  Here’s a description:

The purpose of this Registry is to discover and to share these secrets in a way that can help slim people stay slim, help their family become slim, and can help the rest of us to slim down by learning some of the secrets and rules of thumb they’ve come to adopt over the years.There are huge numbers of slim people. But here’s what’s interesting: If you ask slim people what makes them slim by design, they can’t tell you. Their Slim by Design habits have become so natural, they don’t even realize that they scout out the buffet before they pick up a plate or that they serve food from the stove instead of putting it on the table “family style.”

A number of years ago, researchers founded a National Registry called the National Weight Loss Registry. The concept was simple. If you had lost 30 lbs and kept it off for 3 years, you could join the Registry. It gave hundreds of thousands of people insights into how to take weight off and keep it off. But there’s something important that’s missing – there are huge numbers of people who are skinny and don’t really seem to try. Correction: they seem to have simple rules of thumb, principles, or benchmarks that lead them to take less, order less, or eat less.

Source: Nutrition Unplugged – August 8, 2014